The rhythmic rise and fall of the boat on the waves.  The twitch, twitch, twitch  of walking a topwater bait. The rattle of a crankbait.  The feel of bumping a jig along the bottom.  Ever zone out while you were fishing? I get so entranced sometimes, the turbulence of a biting bass has to startle me back to reality. Honestly, this happens to me more than I care to admit, and its one of my favorite side effects of bass fishing.  Some people call it getting in the zone. I call it the zen of bass fishing.

The relaxation effect that takes place when our boat hits the water is like uncorking a champagne bottle. An early summer morning with no sound but the minor hum of the trolling motor and the gentle whoosh of your line running through your guides as you cast is one of my greatest exhales.  I would equate it with meditation. I can feel my pulse slow down, the tension in my shoulders release and my breathing getting deeper. The steady rise and fall of the boat beneath my feet feels like a lullaby. Just for a while, there is nothing but fishing, and all is well in the world.

With every cast, I fall deeper into the luscious trance of the dance my lure does on the end of my rod. My body goes into autopilot. Cast, reel, repeat. Cast, reel, repeat. Ahhhhhhhh! Everything is right in the world again. Bring on the bass. 

I can’t quote any scientific studies that prove specific health benefits. I don’t even know if any have ever been done. All  I know is even if my livewell is empty at the end of the day, fishing for bass is a zen experience for me that connects me to nature, quiets my mind and settles my soul.