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We’re taking orders for the BHT V2 t-shirts.
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Performance jersey shirts coming soon!

Better Half Tour Shirts - V2
Boat Decals - Better Half Tour
This is the 'black decal' - NO white outer ring
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Better Half Tour Boat Decals!

Check these out! Bob Sindelar from Tight Lipped Tactics is also in the graphics biz, and had these cool boat carpet decals made for Better Half Tour anglers.

Using only the best 3M materials, just like pro bass fishing anglers around the world. Thick, non-slip surface will not slide or tear. Tape in place, then peel & stick for an easy, perfect installation.

  • 10″ diameter carpet decal
  • Quality 3M textured material
  • Slip, skid & scuff resistant
  • Simple to apply
  • Quick & easy to clean
  • Extra durable & tough
The white decal has a white background ‘ring’ around the outside, approximately 3/8″ wide. These are great for mounting on dark colors. It can also be trimmed to the black border as shown.
Boat Decals - Better Half Tour
This is the 'white' decal with white outer ring
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THANK YOU for fishing with us & spreading the good word about the Better Half Tour!