1. Participation is open to any legally licensed angler who has agreed to waiver liability to all sponsoring parties by signing a waiver release and indemnification agreement.  A $70 team entry fee and annual $25 per person membership fee ($50 per team) must be paid prior to participation. No membership fees will be returned once paid. Minimum suggested age to participate is 10 years old: boat operating knowledge is strongly recommended.
2. There must be two(2) contestants (1-male & 1-female) per boat. Team members may not fish alone. All state and local laws will be respected, observed and obeyed. Drivers license is official ID.
3. All fishing must be done from a boat. Proof of watercraft liability insurance must be available at time of entry, on water and provided to tournament officials upon request. All boats must have state required safety equipment and be equipped with a working ignition kill switch. Horsepower must not exceed the original Coast Guard rating plate/sticker.
4. All contestants must wear Coast Guard Approved PFD’s while gasoline motor is running.
5. NO fishing permitted while gas motor is running. This is a safety issue – Practice safe boating always!
6. Off Limits area(s) will be announced online prior to the event, made available during registration, and announced prior to launch.
7. All boats must have a working livewell of adequate size. Please TAKE GREAT CARE of your fish!
8. A THREE(3) fish limit will be observed, fourth(4th) fish must be culled immediately. NO culling at check-in. Teams with more than THREE(3) fish will be disqualified. Only largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass will be accepted at weigh-in. NO culling of dead fish.
9. All fish must measure 12-inches. Short fish will be disqualified and team will receive a one-half pound(1/2#) penalty (per short fish) assessed against remaining legal fish. Dead fish will receive a one-pound (1#) penalty per fish assessed against total weight of legal fish.
10. In the event of a total weight tie (for any position), team with the biggest fish wins the tiebreaker. If neither team has weighed an individual fish, combined monies will be split evenly.
11. All fish must be caught in a live sporting manner with rod and reel. Only one(1) rod per individual team member may be used at a time. Only artificial lures are acceptable (pork-type trailers acceptable). Drifting is permitted. Team must fish from and remain in their boat only. Trolling is prohibited.
12. During competition, contestants may not place brush or fish attractors, including baitcloud/chum or groundbait of any kind, in tournament waters.
13. Contestants may fish anywhere on tournament waters except areas designated “Off Limits” by tournament officials and/or State regulations. Any team witnessed fishing in designated off-limits areas will be immediately disqualified.
14. Teams registered for ALL FIVE(5) season events (prior to the first 2023 event) become “Locked” teams and will launch as the same boat number for the entire 2023 season.
15. All boats must check-in on time with the check-in official. Check-in official will keep the official time. Boat must remain in tournament waters during tournament days. Competitors must leave from and return to official checkpoints by boat. Towing boats on trailers during tournament hours is prohibited, except by direction of tournament officials.
16. Teams reporting late will receive a one-pound (1#) penalty per minute late and are disqualified after five(5) minutes. Teams not catching fish must still report to the check-in official or tournament director.
17. Any protest must be presented in writing to the tournament director prior to the presentation of awards and prizes.
18. If a team must leave the tournament early, please call or text 330-289-1001. We care about your safety! In the event of an emergency situation, competitors should call 911 first (if necessary) and then notify tournament officials as soon as possible. Competitors are allowed to leave the boat and seek shelter in bad weather when/where danger may be imminent. Be aware of the changing weather at all times and plan accordingly.
19. To be eligible for OH Total Weight and 2023 Points Championship awards, teams must fish all qualifying events with the same partner. Different partners enter as new teams.
20. 2023 POINTS CHAMPIONSHIP: Out of the five(5) season events, the team’s lowest single points event will be dropped. This includes events not attended. Championship is determined by the team’s HIGHEST FOUR TOURNAMENT FINISHES through the 2023 season. BHT Points Champions earn free entry to 2024 qualifying tournaments and will launch as boat #1.
21. OH TOTAL WEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: The team’s highest accumulated total weight for ALL 2023 OHIO events will determine the season’s OH Total Weight Champions. In the event of identical accumulated weights at the conclusion of the qualifying events, the tie-breaker will be each team’s biggest individual fish weighed in 2023. If there is still a tie, the next tie-breaker will be the total number of fish weighed in the OH 2023 events for each team. If there is still a tie, the teams will agree to split monies evenly.
22. Tournament directors reserve the right to adjust the tournament times or cancel the event after a lengthy delay due to dangerous conditions. It is each participant’s responsibility to make individual decisions about their own safety in the event of severe weather. Cancelled events will be re-scheduled with all entry fees and team placement numbers honored at rescheduled event.
23. Tournament directors reserve the right to refuse entries from teams known to practice dishonest methods.
24. Tournament directors reserve the right to interpret or amend rules and regulations when necessary.
25. Any rules, interpretation of the rules, or rules not covered under the above guidelines will be governed by event officials only and those decisions will be binding. Binding decisions of officials are final and not subject to formal appeal.

2023 BHT Membership

Fishing with the SAME

Team Membership $50

+ $3 online fee = $53

Individual Membership

(Different partners = two
different points teams)
Each angler must be a
member to participate

Single Membership $25

+ $2 online fee = $27

Vics Sports Center - Vic's Boats

2023 Tournament Rosters

Lake Milton, OH – Robinson’s Point Ramp
1400 Jersey Street ~ Lake Milton OH
May 6, 2023 ~~~ 8:00a- 3:00p


  1. M. Zimmerman ~ G. Zimmerman (L)

Crew Boats:
A. C. Cremeans ~ H. Prohaska
B. M. Licht ~ E. Licht

Mosquito Lake, OH @ State Park Ramp
1439 S.R. 305 ~ Cortland, OH 44410
June 17, 2023 ~ 8:00a- 3:00p


  1. M. Zimmerman ~ G. Zimmerman

Crew Boats:
A. C. Cremeans ~ H. Prohaska
B. M. Licht ~ E. Licht

Chautauqua Lake, New York @
Long Point State Park Ramp
July 22, 2023 ~~~ NEW FORMAT


  1. M. Zimmerman ~ G. Zimmerman (L)

Crew Boats:
A. C. Cremeans ~ H. Prohaska
B. M. Licht ~ E. Licht

West Branch Reservoir, OH @ Rock Springs Road/ West Ramp
6940 Cable Line Road, Ravenna, OH 44266
August 19, 2023 ~~~ 8:00a- 3:00p


  1. M. Zimmerman ~ G. Zimmerman

Crew Boats:
A. C. Cremeans ~ H. Prohaska
B. M. Licht ~ E. Licht

Portage Lakes, OH – Old State Park Ramp
Turkeyfoot N. Shore Park, New Franklin, OH
October 7, 2023 ~~~ 8:00a- 3:00p


  1. M. Zimmerman ~ G. Zimmerman (L)

Crew Boats:
A. C. Cremeans ~ H. Prohaska
B. M. Licht ~ E. Licht

Here are the boat ramp locations that we are launching from...

Lake Milton – State Park
1400 Jersey Street
Lake Milton OH 44429

Mosquito State Park Ramp

Chautauqua Lake, NY @
Long Point Park Ramp
Bemus Point, NY  14712

West Branch Res., OH
West Ramp
Ravenna, OH  44266

Portage Lakes, OH
Old State Park Ramp
New Franklin, OH

Better Half Tour - Couples Bass Fishing Tournaments
2018 Weekend Getaway - CHAMPS

We look forward to fishing with you!