June 15, 2024 ~ 8:00am- 3:00p
@ Mosquito Lake State Park Ramp

This is a 100% Payout Event!
Thank You Heater Baits! 440-221-5058

Heater Baits - 440-221-5058

Current Roster


  1. M. Zimmerman ~ G. Zimmerman (L)
  2. D. DeLancey ~ A. DeLancey (L)
  3. T. Bury ~ K. Bury (L)
  4. G. Wasko ~ P. Wasko (L)
  5. B. Gonser ~ J. Gonser (L)
  6. M. Williams ~ M. Williams (L)

Crew Boats:
A. C. Cremeans ~ H. Prohaska
B. M. Licht ~ E. Licht

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Mixed Team Bass Fishing Events

The Better Half Tour is a male & female mixed team bass fishing tournament. Husband & wife, mother & son, father & daughter, neighbors. They all fish with us!

Mosquito Lake State Park Ramp

The main ramp in the State Park at the lower end of the lake. 6,500+ acres of water, 40 miles of shoreline and plenty of fish should make for a wonderful day.

June 15, 2024 ~ 8:00a- 3:00p

Registration starts at 6:30am. We launch promptly at 8:00am. First flight is due back at 3:00p. Mosquito Lake is the second event of the 2024 BHT season.

Register Online / Below

Annual Team Membership is $50. Tournament entry fee is $70 per event. Individual $25 membership option is available for teams fishing with different partners.

Team Membership ~ $50


Fishing with the SAME PARTNER ALL YEAR?
$3.00 online fee added

+ $3 online fee = $53

^ Paid membership of both entrants is required to fish Better Half Tour events

Individual Membership ~ $25

2023 Individual / Single Membership

Fishing our events with DIFFERENT PARTNERS?
Each angler must be a member.  Alternate partners qualify as different teams. $2.00 fee added

+ $2 online fee = $27


Annual Team Membership

+ $3 online fee = $53


Entry Fee

Mosquito Lake OH Entry ~ 6.15.24
Your Tournament Partner:


Entry Fee with Big Bass

Mosquito Lake OH Entry ~ 6.15.24
Your Tournament Partner: