Current Roster


  1. M. Zimmerman ~ G. Zimmerman (L)
  2. D. DeLancey ~ A. DeLancey (L)
  3. T. Bury ~ K. Bury (L)
  4. G. Wasko ~ P. Wasko (L)
  5. B. Gonser ~ J. Gonser (L)
  6. M. Williams ~ M. Williams (L)
  7. D. Shisler ~ L. Shisler (L)
  8. E. Hankins ~ V. Hankins (L)
  9. E. Everhart ~ L. Everhart (L)

Crew Boats:
A. C. Cremeans ~ H. Prohaska
B. M. Licht ~ E. Licht

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Perrysville OH Weather

Mixed Team Bass Fishing Tourney

The Better Half Tour is a male & female team bass fishing tournament. Husband & wife, sweethearts, mother & son, father & daughter, next door neighbors. They're all fishing with us!

Public boat Ramp (covert road)

The boat ramp at Pleasant Hill Reservoir is located off of Covert Road. Pleasant Hill has 850 acres (at full pool), plus smallmouth AND largemouth bass.

August 17, 2024 ~ 8:00a- 3:00p

Registration starts at 6:30am. We launch promptly at 8:00am. First flight is due back at 3:00p. The Pleasant Hill Summit is a NEW LAKE for the BHT, and is event #4 of the 2024 Better Half Tour season.

Register Online / Below

Annual Team Membership is $50. Tournament entry fee is $70 per event. Individual membership option is available for teams fishing with different partners.

Team Membership ~ $50


Fishing with the SAME PARTNER ALL YEAR?
$3.00 online fee added

+ $3 online fee = $53

^ Paid membership of both entrants is required to fish Better Half Tour events

Individual Membership ~ $25

2024 Individual / Single Membership

Fishing our events with DIFFERENT PARTNERS?
Each angler must be a member.  Alternate partners qualify as different teams in the Points Championship. $2.00 fee added

+ $2 online fee = $27


Annual Team Membership

+ $3 online fee = $53

+ $2 online fee = $27


Entry Fee

Pleasant Hill OH Entry ~ 8.17.24
Your Tournament Partner:


Entry Fee with Big Bass

Pleasant Hill OH Entry ~ 8.17.24
Your Tournament Partner: