Better Half Tour - Couples Bass Fishing Tournaments ~ 2022 Season Schedule

2021 BHT Mosquito Bite

2021 Mosquito Bite

Our second visit to this incredible fishery is earlier in the season.
BHT anglers requested Mosquito - for 2021 it earns a return!

The 2021 Mosquito Bite will be held on June 19, 2021

Mosquito Creek Lake - June 19, 2021

Our second visit to Mosquito Lake ia the 2021 Mosquito Bite.

One of the larger lakes in Ohio, it's been a great bass fishing lake for several years. It's going to be a great time!

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2021 Weekend Getaway

This western New York lake, just 30 minutes from Lake Erie,
was ranked as one of the best fishing lakes in the nation.

The Weekend Getaway at Chautauqua Lake is on July 24, 2021

Chautauqua Lake, NY - July 24, 2021

Home of the Total Weight (5-fish) Record Breaker Award.

A Top 100 fishing lake in BassMaster. Largemouth & smallmouth. Weeds, rocks, points and docks. North or South, watch the weather!

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2021 Berlin Bass Fest

Our first visit to another incredible fishery in NE Ohio.
BHT anglers selected Berlin Lake - 2021 is the date.
A beautiful & scenic lake where you can fish virtually
ANY method or pattern from shallow riverine laydowns
to deep water drop-shots, jig & crankbaits.

The 2021 Berlin Bass Fest will be held on August 21, 2021

Berlin Lake - August 21, 2021

Our FIRST visit to Berlin Lake is the 2021 Berlin Bass Fest.

Largemouth & smallmouth bass are here.

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Portage Lakes OH - Better Half Tour

2021 Fall Classic X

TEN YEARS of meeting many fabulous bass fishing couples.
It's been pretty darn cool and a privilege to meet each of you.
70+ Teams fish the Better Half Tour!

The 2021 Fall Classic will be held on October 2, 2021

Portage Lakes - October 2, 2021

The very first event of the Better Half Tour in 2012.

The feedback from that one event has created this circuit -
now five events in 2021 and 70+ teams strong!

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