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Should we adjust the number of fish that completes a limit? This is one of the important things that has been discussed in the past, and it’s time to bring it up for a vote from YOU, our anglers.

Taking care of your fish plus catch and release is absolutely necessary for the Better Half Tour tournaments. If it weren’t for these fun green fish we call bass, we’d all have to get together at a candle party or something. Nothing against candles, mind you.

Among the concerns for the well-being of these sport fish include livewell water temperatures during warm weather events, plus creating an excessive concentration of fish in the release area.

Please select your poll choice for the 2018 BHT limit. Three(3) fish (i.e. two good ones and a kicker fish); Four(4) fish(i.e. two for her and two for him); or Five(5) fish – the current limit.

Catch all you can (because that’s FUN) – just bring your best to the scales! THANK YOU!


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Change the 2018 Limit?

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