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INTRODUCING…A Better Half Tour “Weekend Getaway”
Chautauqua Lake, NY | July 29, 2017

What better way to spend some time with your better half than on a mid-summer “weekend getaway” doing the thing you love – fishing! A perfect compliment to our Spring Fling and Fall Classic tournament on Portage Lakes, we chose Chautauqua Lake for its abundant population of smallmouth and largemouth bass as well as its resort-like shoreline offering multiple cottages, motels & camping to stay at, plus dining nearby.

Chautauqua Lake is about three hours northeast of Akron, Ohio, in Western New York. It’s generally clear water with heavy summer vegetation and weed matting. Whatever style of fishing you prefer, Chautauqua Lake has it! The northern end is deeper, with many bays and points. The southern end is shallower – only about six(6) feet at the max, with small inlets & creeks and the Chadakoin River at the end.

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Chautauqua Lake NY - Better Half Tour Weekend Getaway