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Your suggestions & input needed for the 2020 Better Half Tour

We’ve had our ears open both online and off, and realize that there are several ‘ideal scenarios’ for couples & teams who fish the Better Half Tour. Our last poll had potential locations for 2019. Mosquito Lake is on our short list for 2020, as we’ve heard that the facilities had been updated. Stay tuned for further news on this.

THIS POLL: Due to the incredible response we’ve had to our NY tournaments, we’ve had discussions with many anglers who are asking about a possible “New York Chapter” of the Better Half Tour. This does raise more questions as we proceed, but if we all put our heads together we’ll figure it out as we go.

Our FIRST STEP? Let’s get this out there and see how many of you would be interested in participating in the following proposed 2020 schedule. The Fall Classic location will remain at the Portage Lakes in Akron, OH.

  • THREE(3) Ohio Events (at various locations)
  • THREE(3) New York Events (at Chautauqua Lake)
  • BEST FOUR(4) events determines Points Champion.
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NEW Potential Lake Locations for the 2019 Better Half Tour

The Better Half Tour has brought together anglers from four states, and we’re looking to stretch our legs (and your fishing lines) to include one or two new lake locations for the 2019 fishing season.

Your help and insights would be very much appreciated.

Please select up to TWO(2) locations in the poll shown. If you aren’t familiar with them, you can view maps and information on each of these lakes at Go Fish Ohio.

Have another idea or suggestion? Simply drop us a note at and if it meets our guidelines we’ll include it on the poll for a vote.


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Change the 2018 Limit?

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  • Three(3) fish (i.e. two good ones and a kicker fish)
  • Four(4) fish(i.e. two for her and two for him)
  • Five(5) fish – the current limit.


Should we adjust the number of fish that completes a limit?

This is one of the important things that has been discussed in the past, and it’s time to bring it up for a vote from YOU, our anglers.

Taking care of your fish plus catch and release is absolutely necessary for the Better Half Tour tournaments. If it weren’t for these fun green fish we call bass, we’d all have to get together at a candle party or something. Nothing against candles, mind you.

Among the concerns for the well-being of these sport fish include livewell water temperatures during warm weather events, plus creating an excessive concentration of fish in the release area.