2019 Milton Magic - June 8, 2019 - Results + Photos

Milton Magic 2019 ~ EVENT RESULTS

Milton Magic - Better Half Tour 2019

Milton Magic @ Lake Milton, OH ~ June, 2019

June, 2019 (8:00a-3:00p) @ Jersey Street Ramp



2019 marked our first event at Lake Milton! This was formerly a 15″ limit lake, but the ODNR has removed that restriction and the normal 12″ minimum length is in effect. This lake is immediately downstream of Berlin Lake, with the Mahoning River helping to fill the reservoir, then exiting the dam at the northeastern end of the lake and continuing on it’s way to Warren, OH.

Be wary about throwing your $40 glide baits in these waters as muskellunge swim in Lake Milton. Maria and I have each hooked, and seen (though not landed) GIANT musky on several trips to this neat lake. The river end of the lake can be VERY shallow depending on the time of the season and area rainfall (or lack of it).

The latest ODNR fishing research reports that a limit of smallmouth bass could win the day. Join us for a day of bass fishing with friends at Lake Milton and let’s find out!

Lake Milton - 6/8 Roster


  1. B. Wilson ~ J. Reed (L)
  2. M. Williams ~ M. Williams (L)
  3. T. McKibben & T. McKibben (L)
  4. M. Schlarb & L. Schlarb (L)
  5. E. Everhart & L. Everhart (L)
  6. J. Smith & P. Smith (L)
  7. R. Helmuth & J. Helmuth
  8. R. Zide & J. Zide
  9. M. Baker & K. Baker
  10. l. Maruna & M. Maruna
  11. R. Edwards & V. Edwards
  12. A. Kistler & J. Raach
  13. R. Gotham & S. Gotham
  14. D. Witherup & L. Witherup
  15. D. Iorio & C. Micco
  16. G. Tanner & V. Tanner
  17. G. Wasko & P. Wasko
  18. S. Pettry & T. Wagner
  19. J. Galford & S. Galford
  20. B. Conner & S. Conner
  21. C. Wright & A. Wright
  22. J. White & P. White
  23. A. Lawler & M. Cappaher
  24. C. Vandeborne & J. Whitaker
  25. T. Johnson & T. Johnson
  26. K. Burke & R. Burke
  27. N. Meyerrose & M. Watkins
  28. J. O’Neill & A. Mammone
  29. B. Fuller & C. Gordon

Crew Boats:
A. S. Westfall ~ W. Westfall
B. M. Licht ~ E. Licht

2019 Better Half Tour - Lake Milton 6/8/19 - Photo Gallery

Better Half Tour

2019 Milton Magic

June 8, 2019 (8:00a-3:00p)

Jersey Street Ramp

$60 Tournament Entry Fee
$10 BIG Bass (optional)

2019 Milton Magic Tournament Entry

Lake Milton Entry ~ 6-8-19


Lake Milton, OH - Jersey Street Boat Ramp
Lake Milton, OH - Jersey Street Boat Ramp

Lake Milton "Robinson's Point" Boat Launch Ramp

Lake Milton, OH - Jersey Street Boat Ramp

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