Better Half Tour 2020 Couples Bass Fishing
2020 Better Half Tour Spring Fling Results

Spring Fling At The Scales...

2020 Better Half Tour Spring Fling CHAMPS
2020 Better Half Tour Spring Fling CHAMPS

Good Morning Better Half Tour Anglers!

2020 Better Half Tour Spring Fling - Photos & Memories

This event has been re-scheduled from May 9 to June 6, 2020

2020 Better Half Tour Spring Fling CHAMPS
2020 Better Half Tour Spring Fling CHAMPS

Current Roster


  1. M. Zimmerman ~ G. Zimmerman (L)
  2. T. Bury ~ K. Bury (L)
  3. D. DeLancey ~ A. Delancey (L)
  4. J. Reed ~ B. Reed
  5. M. Baker ~ K. Baker
  6. L. Maruna ~ M. Maruna
  7. E. Miller ~ R. Miller
  8. G. Tanner ~ V. Tanner
  9. T. Johnston ~ T. Johnston
  10. D. Mansky ~ L. Mansky
  11. M. Williams ~ M. Williams
  12. A. Riffle ~ T. Calcei
  13. C. Furr ~ A. Furr
  14. B. Habyan ~ R. Habyan
  15. M. Schlarb ~ L. Schlarb
  16. E. Hankins ~ V. Hankins
  17. D. Neumore ~ S. Neumore
  18. T. Grobe ~ S. Grobe
  19. D. Kandel ~ K. Kandel
  20. B. Mackovick ~ A. McGrath
  21. S. Miketa ~ M. Rogers
  22. J. Wentink ~ K. Johnson
  23. J. Young ~ C. Young
  24. J. Hensley ~ K. Kline
  25. R. Sherretz ~ C. Sherretz
  26. G. Vraciu ~ J. Miller

Crew Boats:
A. C. Cremeans ~ H. Prohaska
B. M. Licht ~ E. Licht

Couples Bass Fishing Tournament

The Better Half Tour is a couples and mixed team bass fishing tournament. Husband & wife, sweethearts, mother & son, father & daughter. They all fish with us!

Robinson's Point State Park Ramp

The Lake Milton State Park ramp is on the lower west side of the lake. 1,685+ acres of water, plus smallmouth AND largemouth bass will make it a neat day.

June 6, 2020 ~ 8:00a- 3:00p

Registration starts at 6:30am. We launch promptly at 8:00am. First flight is due back at 3:00p. Lake Milton Spring Fling is event #1 of the 2020 BHT season.

Register Online / Below

Annual Team Membership is $40. Tournament entry fee is $70 per event. Individual membership option is available for teams fishing with different partners.

Team Membership ~ $40


Fishing with the SAME PARTNER ALL YEAR?

^ Paid membership of both entrants is required to fish Better Half Tour events

Individual Membership ~ $20

2020 Individual / Single Membership

Fishing our events with DIFFERENT PARTNERS?
(Each angler  must be a member. Different partners qualify as different teams in the Points Championship)


Annual Team Membership


Entry Fee

Lake Milton OH Entry ~ 6-6-20


Entry Fee with Big Bass

Lake Milton OH Entry ~ 6-6-20